No matter where your Expedition or Adventure Journey takes you, Xtreme Adventure Reports has you covered.Fred enrich your Expedition or Adventure Journey with his helpful and optimistic attitude and capture all greatest accomplishments for years of enjoyment.

Fred has combined his love of the Outdoors & Extreme Challenges and his passion for the visual arts to create Xtreme Adventure Reports.He brings back the preparation, the teams, the action, the excitement, the drama’s, the adventure of every one in his photo’s or films. He shares them with the entire world in his many International Automotive, Adventure & Outdoor/Travel Magazine publications, Multi-Media productions or Social Media

As a dedicated photographer it is vital to capture the spirit, the adventure, the scenery, the flora & fauna, the events and indigenous populations for documentation. With the responsibility of respecting the environment, the wildlife, local people and their cultures.

Xtreme Adventure Reports embraces the spirit of adventure in everybody. Everyone’s Expedition of Adventure Journey is unique and Fred’s goal is to capture the heart of it.Fred has been fortunate over the years to have enjoyed some exciting Expeditions, Extreme Outdoor Challenges and Adventure Journeys. There are plenty more to come.

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