Being a photographer is seriously awesome. !

But first and foremost, photographers take pictures. They’re experts in using light (or lack therof) to capture moments and details in interesting and appealing ways. Photography is a full-time position, which means dedication to capture breathtaking and striking photographs of every aspect.

Photography is a heavy, expensive and time-consuming endeavor, it is the most versatile job you can do behind a camera, so leave the worrying to Fred. Just focus on meeting your goals and accomplishing your dreams and Fred will record every step of the way for you.

These captures can be a detail, the beauty, the emotion, the drama, the action, the essence of a person or object, and many other reasons to mention, but with the goal to share it with people and create a lifetime memory. Photography, as also Videography, is a fantastic story-telling medium, whether it’s with one image, a sequence, a series, the possibilities are endless and there are plenty more to come. Fred has been fortunate over the years to have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy some exciting Events, Challenges, Rally’s, Expeditions and Adventure Journeys.

He embraces the spirit of adventure in everybody, if it is in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia or Australia, everyone’s Event, Challenge, Rally, Expedition or Adventure Journey is unique and deserves a photographer in his eyes, and Fred’s goal is to capture the heart of it.

One picture may be worth a thousand words !!