The Adventure Motorsports, Cross Country Rally, Desert Race or 4×4 Off-Road Trophy scene requires images to portray te teams, the vehicle’s, the action, the service park, the drama’s, the victory and the countries in the world that they compete in. Understanding how to make these images look good in this environment is a major part of Fred’s business. It’s his enjoyment making them look great.

Fred also offers the possibility for onboard photography and/or video using one or more action camera’s in or outside the vehicle, bike or helmet. Sometimes he needs to push the boundaries of capturing all the action, travel long distances, making long days, early rises, late sleeps, with just one goal: getting the images and/or footage send in time around the world.

When all bits and pieces do fall together, and it just works…than that’s an awesome feeling !…. He just loves it ! Fred takes pride in creating awesome images on location all around the world and is available for international (also domestic) assignments and may provide images, footage and/or editorial content.

His reputation depends on utilizing the best camera gear & laptop’s, and understanding how to create the highest quality images & footage possible to supply to competitors, factory teams, media, sponsors and/or organizers. Have a look in the photo-albums, I am sure you will be impressed, and when you think: That is what we need !..

Than the only thing remains for you to do is: click to the contact page on this website, fill in the form, get in contact with Fred, find out about scheduling, booking, or information on licensing images. And click the send button !