“One picture may be worth a thousand words”

But three words are worth ten thousand good impressions, and those three words are
Xtreme Adventure Reports, which also happens to be the name of Fred’s company.

Xtreme Adventure Reports is founded & owned by Fred M. Krijgsman in 1998, his career in photography & journalism is more than 30 years. The same as his knowledge in the 4×4 Auto Industry, the 4×4 Aftermarket & Accessories Industry, the Off-Road Racing World, Cross Country Rally’s and with Extreme Expeditions & Adventure/Challenge Events.

Fred is specialized in covering rally’s, expeditions and adventures journeys & races around the world, but also in co-organizing & organizing he can be your perfect partner. And with his knowledge in Multi-Media & Marketing he can create with you the perfect strategy to reach the summit.

His work is worldwide known by a big audience, and his network with publishers, organizers, manufactures is enormous, you will find his work published anywhere in 4Wheel Drive Magazines, Automotive Magazines, Adventure & Outdoor/Travel Magazines, Special Interest Magazines or in Corporate Productions, as also on the web on various social media & company websites.

He’s traveling to the most exciting places on Earth to capture all the action, the nature, the people, this with his latest digital technology on camera equipment. You will be stunned by seeing his most thrilling productions either still shots or moving action. Continue your visit on this website by viewing the other pages, and if you want to get in contact with him, just fill in the form and send your email.

Let’s get together and paint many more pictures of success.

Fred M. Krijgsman / Xtreme Adventure Reports is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and
a member of the NVJ / NVF (The Netherlands Association of Journalists & Photojournalists)